MotionWerk GmbH is a German company aiming to make a seamless and sustainable mobility future become reality and previously lead the Share&Charge initiative. Having implemented live products and conducted several pilots at the interface of blockchain technology and e-mobility, we were able to gain vast experience in those two fields. To put our vision of the future of e-mobility into effect, we have successfully established the Share&Charge Foundation in Switzerland, transferring the Share&Charge trademark, intellectual property and technology from MotionWerk GmbH to the newly founded Share&Charge Foundation. 


CEO & Co-Founder

Over 10 years of global energy trading experience having worked for leading utilities in Europe. Passionate about combining cutting-edge technology with the radically changing mobility sector.

CTO & Co-Founder

Co-founded several IT companies around the world since 1999. Python hacker and Blockchain enthusiast, bringing the long-term vision and a strong will to command the technology ship with a firm hand.


Over 14 years of experience in a wide variety of finance roles at tech companies and public accounting firms, in both the U.S. and Germany.

Business Development

Founded and managed several ventures before joining the MotionWerk Team for partnering and business development. Passionate about a sustainable and decentralized world.

Andy Danov